Friday, December 23, 2005

tony blair 'I killed socialism'

Oh come on, you did'nt really believe me when I said we'd lessen the divide between the have's and the have not's did you.'

Yep I killed socialism ain't that right Tony. Not that you have given a tuppenny stuff for the poor in the uk. when oh it would be so easy to do, for a start you could have redesignated houses of multiple occupancy SHARED HOUSES that way a few of the professional elite wouldn't be milking the poor for so much in our inner cities, but then your a private landlord yourself so you wouldn't want that would you it might reduce your rent revenue.

well that me crazydave the welsh protestor done for today, merry christmas and a lets get rid of party politics in the new year people, maybe we will even decide that our MPEES and Councils really need a kick up the backside. after all this 22% increase the MP are shouting for is 4 times what a single mental health suffer gets per annum to live on, thats what the 22% equate to, and they go on about what rascals we are.

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